Company History

I did a repair for a lady on her brand new leather sofa. She said that it had to be repaired and that her husband could not find out. He told her that she was not to smoke while sitting on that sofa. Well, she didn’t listen and low and behold, big cigarette burn. When the job was done, it was gone and she was very pleased. She called me for another burn later on. Another repair was on a rented car. This lady was to return the vehicle but a couple of days beforehand her dog, a larger one, decided it was a good idea to use the door panel as a chew toy. I first told her I didn’t know how well it was going to turn out due to area size and the extent of the damage. She said for me to try it anyway and she will take her chances with the rental company. A new door panel is approximately $700-$800 and I was charging her $150. Well I have to say I was very proud of this repair and how well it turned out. She saw it and was excited. She said that people say “Oh yeah, I can do such and such”, but when it’s all said and done, the talk was bigger than the work, and that I did the exact opposite. I forewarned her, but in the end exceeded all expectations.

Dale Brisebois

I have been doing this work for 10 years now and just like any other trade, I keep learning and getting better. The greatest quality of my work is exactly that: QUALITY! I have a very strong conviction of doing the job with the idea of pleasing the customer. I cannot walk away from a job and still see the damage; it must look better. There was one business in particular that was using my services for awhile, then out of the blue they were using someone else. I asked the owner why this was so, and he gave me a handful of excuses. The truth was that he had someone else that could do it cheaper. A year later I received a call from a new employee who was running the service side. She told me they were making a few changes and that she had heard wonderful things about me from the owner. I asked why back to me and she said the repairs that were being done were not satisfactory and that their customers were not pleased with the quality of the work. What a wonderful feeling!! I have a few accounts that I have taken over from another competitor due to her lack of personality. One client told me not to take a vacation again because while I was gone they had to have a repair done and had to call her. “She scares us” he said. This I have a hard time understanding. I am providing a service and part of that is the human interaction. I love people and meeting new people. I am friendly, outgoing, and energetic. I have a positive outlook on life and it affects everything about me and what I do.