Welcome to Dablldo

Hello and welcome to Dablldo Upholstery Repair. This is an industry that will always come in handy for car dealerships, furniture stores, body repair shops, boat dealerships, and anybody who owns anything that has leather, vinyl, bi-cast, plastic, and velour. What makes this business so unique is that it is both cost and time effective. To replace or reupholster an item is both time consuming and can be quite costly. Should your pet, cat or dog, decide that it was a good idea to nibble or scratch that leather couch, there is a job for Dablldo. Want to sell that vehicle for a newer one? Only thing is that driver leather seat looks aged or has a hole on the edge where you get in and out. Whoever goes to buy it won’t due to the eye sore that jumps out at them as soon as they open the door. There is a job for Dablldo. Smoker? Got a few cigarette burns on the velour seat or headliner? There is a job for Dablldo. Have you ever spilled something on the leather and it stained, or you tried to clean it with something that made it worse? There is a job for Dablldo. Come on inside and take a closer look at the business, the owner, the work that has been done, and service that can be provided.

About Dale

I have been doing this work for 10 years now and just like any other trade, I keep learning and getting better.

The greatest quality of my work is exactly that: QUALITY!


Take a look at the GALLERY for examples on some of the work we have done.